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The first entry and Carson Ellis.

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This is gonna be a series of insights on how I do what I do and how I learned to do that.

When I was working on my MA in illustration, I hated being asked what it is that I am being taught, what my projects or studies are about, and so on. I never felt like I could explain with words what I was experiencing and learning inside my head. Following thoughts and ideas which where feelings, atmospheres and longings rather than explainable logical experiments. It was a very personal study and served to find out mainly one thing:

What is it that I want to communicate with my art? How can I accomplish that?

To find out about myself, I started collecting artists and their works which seemed to resonate with me. Which spoke to me. This wasn't just my idea, but actually a very important project of my studies with lasted one semester.

I would first research basic information about an artist, analyze a couple of artworks in terms of lines, motifs, perspectives, light, color, technique, mood and frame and then go on to create an illustration with exactly those things I had found out during my analysis.

The first artist I chose to research and learn from was Carson Ellis.

So here you have the pages of my submitted document for university featuring Carson Ellis, and my analysis and application of things I found out about her art in relation to my own objectives.

Links and citations

Profile picture: Autumn de Wilde, (Accessed 30.1.2020) info for text: Illustration from "Under Wildwood", 2012: (Accessed 30.1.2020) badger: from The Wildwood Chronicles, (Accessed 30.1.2020) cover first book: (Accessed 30.1.2020) cover second book: (Accessed 30.1.2020) cover finale: (Accessed 30.1.2020) illustration with woman on horse: (Accessed 30.1.2020) illustration of big tree: (Accessed 30.1.2020) illustration of woman on chair, profiles: (Accessed 30.1.2020) illustration of prue walking through village: (Accessed 30.1.2020) illustration of the forest, two kids: (Accessed 30.1.2020) illustration of village on hill: (Accessed 30.1.2020) black and white illustration of Prue from behind: (Accessed 30.1.2020) illustration of Prue on the bridge: (Accessed 30.1.2020)

Illustrations (apart from my experiment on page 21 and 22) are from Carson Ellis.

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