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Edmund Dulac, Fairytale grace and watercolor

Aktualisiert: 19. Juni 2022

Here's to my second entry showing and explaining how my illustration MA was set up, what I was researching and how I put that research into practice in order to evolve in my style and objectifs.

This week we are talking about Edmund Dulac. French-british book illustrator born in 1882 who is most famous for his moody watercolor works of fairy tales. So without further ado, here is my analysis of some chosen artworks and a try of mine to implement some of the characteristics I found to be useful for myself.

Photograph of Dulac by Howard Coster. All illustrations are from Edmund Dulac except the pencil sketches on 31 and 32 which are mine.

Links and citations

Profile picture: by Howard Coster

half-plate film negative, 1938

Transferred from Central Office of Information, 1974 (Accessed 8.2.2020)

The nightingale, 1911:

(Accessed 9.2.2020)

The mermaid iii, 1911:

(Accessed 9.2.2020)

The snowqueen iii, 1911:

(Accessed 9,2,2020)

The snowqueen ii, 1911:

(Accessed 9.2.2020)

The snowqueen vi, 1911:

(Accessed 9.2.2020)

The snowqueen v, 1911:

(Accessed 9.2.2020)

The mermaid i, 1911:

(Accessed 9.2.2020)

The wind´s tale:

(Accessed 9.2.2020)

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